What are the Hospice Philosophies And Goals?


Hospice philosophy respects the rights of patient and family:

  • The right to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.
  • The right to die with dignity, as dignity is perceived by the patient.
  • The right to actively participate in managing the remaining life span, the dying process and the event of death.
  • The right to remain a viable family member in the environment of choice.
  • The right to have his/her needs considered on a personal, individual basis.


Hospice strives to achieve excellence in its set objectives:

  • Good physical care and relief of pain and other symptoms during illness without great mental or physical incapacitation.
  • Ongoing emotional support of patients and family caregivers throughout illness.
  • Support of the patient’s participation as an active family member by enabling him/her to remain at home and by offering services to accommodate family relationships.
  • Assistance to the patient and the family in working through the grieving process and other issues involved in serious illness, changes in lifestyle and loss.
  • Assistance with the family’s healthy resolution of bereavement issues up to a year or more after the death of the patient as needed.
  • Initiation and maintenance of an ongoing community Hospice education program to keep Hospice available to the families, friends and neighbors of our community.
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