What is Hospice?


In its earliest origins, Hospice means a place of shelter for travelers on a difficult journey. For patients, families and friends faced with a terminal illness, Hospice means a place to turn and a team of people to be by your side.

Often people think of home care when they think of Hospice, and in many ways it is that, and more.

Hospice is an innovation in care built upon the concept of individual choice, and one of the choices Hospice provides is the ability for a patient with a life-limiting illness to stay at home surrounded by family and friends.

Hospice brings together a team of specially trained professionals and volunteers who work with the patient’s doctor to provide a plan of care woven with the dignity of choice and power of love.

Making no attempt to hasten or delay death, Hospice focuses on controlling the patient’s pain and symptoms, while helping family and friends cope with the stress and emotions illness can bring.

From the first days of a life-limiting illness to long past the loss of a loved one, Hospice offers a mainstay of resources and respite, help and hope to affirm a meaningful quality of life for all at the journey’s end.

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