Who Pays for Hospice?


You’re never alone, and you don’t have to shoulder the financial burden yourself either. Financial coverage is available through the Hospice Medicare Benefits, HMOs and private insurance companies. Patients who qualify for and are approved for Medicaid may have their care covered under this benefit.

Private Insurance Benefits
Many private insurance companies and HMOs provide coverage for Hospice services. The law mandates private insurance companies to provide a hospice benefit. For details, contact your insurance company.

Medicare Benefits
Hospice is available as a benefit under Medicare. Medicare beneficiaries who choose hospice care receive non-curative medical support and psychosocial services to help cope with both the symptoms of the terminal disease as well as the emotional and spiritual struggles of end-of-life issues. The Medicaid Hospice Benefit is identical to the Medicare Hospice Benefit in both services and reimbursement.

Patients entitled to benefits under Medicare Part A can choose Hospice care when they meet the Hospice admission criteria; basically, when the patient’s doctor and the Hospice Medical Director certify the patient prognosis is limited to months, not years. Medical needs unrelated to the Hospice diagnosis are covered under Standard Medicare Benefits.

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