Care, Comfort, Coordination and Compassion for the Entire Family.


Only Love supports treatment for the underlying illness and at the same time, strives for optimal quality of life.

Our team consists of a physician, pediatric nurse, spiritual counselor, and medical social worker. Together with your child and other members of your family, we identify your goals, wishes, and values and then work together to develop a comprehensive plan.

Our goals are to:

  •  Increase the effectiveness of pain and symptom management.
  • Act as an advocate with the medical care team.
  • Enhance the child’s quality of life and work to bring him or her home.
  • Build awareness of timely and accurate information for the best decision-making.
  • Support the child, and the entire family, in your quest to live as normally as possible.

Can my family benefit from pediatric palliative care (PPC)?

  • Are your child’s pain and symptoms becoming increasingly difficult to manage?
  • Do you feel your child’s illness has affected your family or other parts of your life?
  • Are your child’s hospital stays becoming more frequent?
  • Would some extra physical, spiritual or emotional support be helpful?

If the answers are “yes” to two or more of these questions, only love can help!